What we belive

      Seven elements of the creed:

  1. The only authority in matter of faith by which church members guide their lifes is the Holy Scripture, becouse it’s the revealed Word of God;
  2. The declared purpose of each church member is to glorify our God, represented in three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit;
  3. The members of the church expressed their faith in the baptism water, and they are saved by faith in the sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ;
  4. The church belive she must fulfill her inside and outside mission, relying on the Holy Spirit;
  5. Every member have the right to experience joy in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the church life, but he also have the obligation to participate spiritual and material to the progress of the church;
  6. We are blessed by God through our church emplacement, becouse we are close to Danube river, but we also belive we are bessed spiritual and material, and this fact gives us a big responsibility to watch and to serve the Lord;
  7. God still gives grace to our church, and for every soul who wants redemption, therefore every member or visitor is welcome to our worship services.