The 2013 projects

      In the year of 2013, our church comittee decided, the church should begin the following programs:

  1. a study program, created and leaded by our church pastor for the sisters of the church, having as an objective, the consoloditation and spiritual growth of our sisters, and also, beside this program, our pastor want to initiate another program entitled „ministry by songs and poetry”, also destinated for the sisters of the church;
  2. in every month which contains 5 Sundays, the program of the fifth Sunday will be dedicated for the elder of the church;
  3. a study program for the kids of the church, with the purpose to prepare them to participate to biblical competitions and olympads organized at any lelvel of participation. In this way, the designated person to organize this competitions is the pastor of „Christian Baptist Church ‘Speranta’ from Resita ”, Grecu Dumitrașcu.
  4. a continuation of the projects destinated for the youth and the kids of the church:
          – “Biblical jurney” – a project for preschool children and schoolars;
          – Mission project to the hospital of the Moldova Noua city, which consists in visiting sick people from the hospital belonging or not from our church, but they want to be visited by us;
          – “The bank for clothes” – project which consists in arranging of one room at the basement of the church, where we can collect clothes from donation for the poors. In this moment this project it’s finished in about 80%, and for this cause, it’s not usable yet, becouse we still ned to lay out the stand stone on the floor, the mortar on the walls, and bying the necessary furniture.
          – Initiation of a project entitled “Christian ambulatory theater for children”, this project is in this moment at sketch and collecting necessary materials stage (dolls, theater rack arangement, etc.). This theater is destinated, also for sick children from hospitals, orphanage, schools and kindergartens.

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